CompleteLock InstallGuard - Features:

  • Installation Monitoring

    Monitor and record all new software installation attempts and identify who is trying to install unauthorized software on your PC.

  • Installation and Process Blocking

    Blocks all installations from starting on your system without your authorization, including Microsoft Installer (msiexec), InstallShield and all other commercial installers. You can also block custom processes (executables) from being executed on your system to prevent portable user-mode software from running such as browsers, toolbars, tools, chatting software, or other potentially malicious or unauthorized software.

    The log shows detailed activity including date/time, the application that was attempted to install, and the user:

  • Change Tracking: Point-in-Time Snapshots

    Keeps track of all software installations by creating a snapshot of all of your software at run time - you can then later compare and track down exactly what and when a software was either installed or removed from your PC.

    Double click on each event for a detailed view of what was added, removed or changed:

  • User Whitelisting

    Allow administrators and other authorized users to install software without any restrictions or alerts.

  • Alerts

    Alert users when they are attempting to install unauthorized software. Send email alerts to system administrators when new software has been installed.

  • Password Protection

    Access to the interface is protected by an encrypted password, only allowing administrators to access the configuration interface and reporting tools.

  • Maintenance Scheduling

    Allow scheduled Windows and other application patches to run without interruption by creating maintenance windows.


.Net Framework

Most of the software on this page requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

To download the required packages please visit or click here to download.

For increased compatibility and performance we highly recommend installing .NET Framework 4.


This software installed on any Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system and only takes about 10 MB of disk space. A system with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM is highly recommended.

This software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Why CompleteLock InstallGuard?

More Features

InstallGuard has more features than any other application blocking software in the market. No other software blocks and monitors like we do.

Global Users

Our software has been proven to be effective on thousands of computers around the globe.

Powerful App Control

InstallGuard protects your system from unauthorized applications like no other software in the market using state of the art process detection technology.

User Interface

The newly designed, intuitive and easy to use interface makes InstallGuard extremely easy to use and configure in minutes.